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Mini Air Driven Hydraulic Pump Unit
Tentec Model: HTT.627X Series

HTT.6271 Maximum Working Pressure = 1500bar (21750
HTT.6272 Maximum Working Pressure = 2275bar (33000

The New Tentec air operated pump units are designed constructed to be failsafe, user friendly, lightweight compact. They work on a simple but efficient principle, magnified through differential piston areas. A large piston drives a smaller hydraulic piston, which provides flow at high pressure. Pump assemblies can be many combinations,a choice of air motors and pressure gauges are available to ensure that the correct assembly fied to meet the Bolt Tensioning requirements.

Why use Air Driven
Liquid Pumps?

Hydraulic pressure is held without energy consumption

Explosion Proof, requires no electrical power or connections.

Intrinsically Safe

Compact and lightweight

Contamination tolerant

Outlet stall pressure pre-determined by the air drive regulator

Ideal for stop start applications under full load

Easy to install and operate

1 - Frame
2 - Oil outlet, female quick release coupling
3 - Pressure release valve
4 - On/Off Valve
5 - Pump Unit
6 - Oil resovoir
7 - Filler cap
8 - Air Inlet
9 - Air pressure gauge
10 - Air Regulator
11 - Pressure Gauge
12 - Pressure Relief Valve

Tentec Mini Air Driven Pump
Tentec Air Driven Pump Units operate on the simple but efficient principle of power magnification through the use of differential areas. A relatively large air-operated piston drives the smaller piston, which provides fluid flow at high pressures. All Tentec air driven pump units are fitted into an easily transportable, tubular steel frame.

The pump units are available, fitted with a large choice of pressure gauges and are supplied complete with an air pressure regulator which can be set to stall the pump unit when it reaches the pressure required for each particular tensioning application.

Recommended Oil
ISO Grade 10, 32 and 68
Example: Shell Morlina oil 10

Air Consumption
When operating from zero to rated hydraulic pressure, air consumption will be approximately 28ft³/Min of free air at 100 PSI input. At lower air pressures and higher hydraulic pressures, air consumption will be reduced proportionally to flow rates included.

Technical Specifications
Tentec supply many different air driven pump units, of varying pressure and fluid discharge specifications. This document details the main tensioning air pump, the model HTT.627x Series. The Tentec standard tensioning pump configuration is the model HTT.6271, with a maximum working pressure of 1500bar fitted with a suitable gauge and outlet connection.

For higher pressure needs the model HTT.627x series pump can be configured with a 2275bar max working pressure, fitted with a suitable gauge and outlet connection. Part number HTT.6272

Approximate Air to Hydraulic Pressure
Ratios Static Condition

  Air Pressure (psi)
Ratio 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
440:01:00 5000 8000 12500 16500 21000 25500 30000 34000 38000 42500

When operating from 0 to rated hydraulic pressure, air consumption will be approx 28scfm of free air at 100psi input. At lower air pressures and higher hydraulic pressure, air consumption will reduce proportionaly


Model Ratio Hydraulic Piston Diameter (In) Hydraulic Piston Area (In2) Volume per Stroke (In3)
440:01:00 0.25 0.049 0.061

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