PN Series - Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Tentec introduces the PN series industrial pneumatic torque wrenches. The new range provides continuous and repeatable torque with an accuracy of +/- 5%. Unlike previous pneumatic torque wrenches, the PN series has the fastest speed when it counts, which is during actual torque stage and not during the free nut run down stage.

Inherent in all PN Series wrenches is a new gear technology which creates greater durability, lower operational temperatures and increased efficiency. The PN series offer a torque output from 162 N.m (120 ft.lbs) to 8134 N.m (6,000 ft.lbs) and rotational speeds of up to 45 rpm. Specifications ►

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Tentec offer many different and varied optional reaction solutions. Contact Tentec for many more reaction point solutions. Accessories ►

Lightweight aluminum handle with durable, slip-resistant textured coating
One finger trigger control for forward and reverse

Ultra-efficient air motor provides accurate and repeatable stall torque

Cartridge-style valves provide easy replacement

O-rings seals grease in while keeping water and dirt out

PN Series Accessories

The PN-FRL is a sturdy free standing, high quality Pneumatic Filter, Lubricator & Regulator.

Filter/Regulator with Bar/N.m pressure gauge for accurate pnuematic torque wrench output control.

  • Adjustable lubricator with drip rate sight glass.
  • Quick disconnect air filter and lubricator bowls with sight glass and drain valve.
  • One Piece welded aluminium frame offers air hose storage.
  • Compact size:-
    W 23cm, H 30.4cm, L 30.4cm, Weight 7.7kg
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