CTST Series - Topside Bolt Tensioners

Tentec offer a wide range of accessories for the CTST series of bolt tensioning tools.

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Converting a Tentec CTST tool to suit a different bolt size is easily done by adding a CTST Conversion kit. Tentec conversion kits consist of a thread Insert, Bridge and Nut Rotating Socket suitable for the new bolt size. A cost effective way of getting more versatility out of your tensioners.

The use of Tentec's Link Hose system offers a fast, simple and economical method of connecting multiple tensioners together - the number of hoses required is the same as the number of tools to be linked - a simple formula to remember.

Seal reliability is a fundamental requirement. All Tentec tensioners feature high quality polyurethane self-energising lip seals requiring no adjustment. The seals 'snap fit' into the piston housing, remain firm and will not dislodge and cause failure after prolonged use. The seals are easy to fit onsite and Tentec stock the most common seal sizes.

Air Powered
The Tentec air operated pump units are designed to be failsafe, user friendly, lightweight and compact. Pump assemblies can be configured in many possible combinations,a choice of air motors and pressure gauges are available to ensure that the correct specifications to meet your Bolt Tensioning requirements.

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Manual Powered
Light weight and compact design
Two speed operation reduces handle strokes by as much as 75% over single speed pumps.
Lower Handle effort to minimize operator fatigue

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Electric Powered
The Tentec WTP3 is a self contained electric driven high pressure hydraulic pump unit that can generate pressures of up to 1600 bar. The unit is a perfect match with Tentec bolt tensioning tools. The WTP3 Pump from Tentec is available in many different voltage and phase configurations

Electric Driven Pump Specifications ►

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Tentec offer purpose designed Air Driven, Electric Driven and Hand Powered Hydraulic power packs. Carefully designed for optimised performance when used with our Bolt Tensioning products.