Tentec Training

Tentec Training

To confirm the individual's current skills, knowledge and ability the ECITB technical competence validation test is undertaken every 3 years to prove ongoing performance development. If required the individual can undertake a short computer based training module to refresh their job knowledge before attempting the technical test.

Tentec will confirm the following information with the employer/candidate before arranging the test session:

• Previous Certificate of Achievement – the Test Centre must carry out a check to confirm the certificate is genuine before arranging the test session.

Successful candidates achieve the certificate of achievement which is valid for a period of 3 years. Unsuccessful candidates must wait a minimum period of 4 weeks between the unsuccessful test session and next test session to allow a period of training to address any skills or knowledge gaps.

Referred Candidates – the Test Centre must advise candidates on the criteria not achieved and areas requiring further training, a minimum period of 4 weeks lapse before the candidate can undertake a new testing session to allow for a period of training or practise.

Extracts from Stage 2: Workplace Task Assignements Workbook ►
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