V - Series - Specifications


A Range of Topside Bolt Tensioning Tools for use on standard VectorTechnology Group* Compact Fanges and Norsok** L-005 Compact Flanges.

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Features & Benefits

  • High quality polyurethane seals for reliable, leak free operation.
  • Powerful bolt load capacity.
  • 15mm Ram Stroke*
  • Only 11 base tools to cover bolt sizes 3/4" to 4"
  • Supplied with nut rotating sockets, no need for drilled nuts.
  • Over stroke pressure safety device.
  • Manufactured from high strength steel for long life.
  • Easy Hose assembly with Tentec Link Hose System.
  • No bonded seals are used in the V-Series range

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Tentec products are subject to continual development and Tentec reserve the right to make changes in the specification and design of products without prior notice.
* Model V-1 & V-2 features 10mm ram stroke.

All V-Series tensioners have been designed without the need for small bonded seals. Bonded seals are used by most bolt tensioning manufacturers to seal the hydraulic connections to the tensioner.

These tiny seals are prone to failure and when just one of the many bonded seals used in a tensioning system fail, the whole tensioning procedure comes to a halt until the failed bonded seal is replaced. Tentec has designed out the use of these fragile seals so that this new range of tensioners no longer rely on bonded seals, improving safety and minimising downtime.

Tentec software allows users to manage and rapidly calculate bolt tensioner pressures. Tentec Bolt Load Software has been designed with the philosophy of minimal input, maximum output.

Documentation for multiple bolted joint projects can be created very quickly with minimal operator input. The software package contains data for all standard Vector International compact flanges along with the correct tensioner pressures to apply. software ►

The V-Series range of topside bolt tensioning tools from Tentec consist of 11 Base tools covering bolt sizes from 3/4" to 4" (M16 to M100). The tools are designed to work on standard Vector Technology Group* Compact Fanges and Norsok**
L-005 Compact Flanges.