Tentec offer purpose designed bolt tensioning tools and hydraulic torque wrenches for wind turbines.

Developed over many years, our wind turbine bolt tightening solutions offer the most advanced, safe, rapid and operator friendly tools in the market today.

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Torque Wrenches

Wind Turbine - Bolt Tensioning Tools

Tentec offer a range of bolt tensioning equipment specially designed for use on Wind Turbines.

The Aero range comprises of bolt tensioning tools suitable for a complete wind turbine bolting installation or maintenance programme on many different types and models of wind turbines.

By listening to customer requirements these feature rich, powerful bolt tensioning tools are packed full of operator requested features including quick release swivel fittings, automatic piston return and intuitive operation.

The products are manufactured from aircraft quality high strength tensile steel and are compact and lightweight for ease of handling.

Wind Turbine - Torque Wrenches


To compliment the Aero range of Wind Turbine bolt tensioning tools. Tentec also offer high quality square drive, direct drive and pneumatic torque wrenches. Tentec Torque Wrenches are suitable for use on most wind turbine bolting applications.


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WTB - Bolt Tensioners


Fully aware of the difficulties associated with wind turbine blade tensioning, the new Tentec Aero WTB is a purpose designed range of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools to suit most wind turbine bolting applications. All WTB Tensioning tools have the capacity to achieve the specified proof load requirements as detailed in EN ISO 898-1:1999 and ASTM A490M for grade 10.9 Bolts.

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WTF - Foundation Bolt Tensioners


The new Aero WTF is a purpose designed range of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools developed by Tentec and designed to suit most wind turbine foundation bolting applications. The Aero WTF tensioning tools can be supplied to suit many different All Thread Bars and the more conventionally ISO metric and Imperial Unified Thread forms

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