Aero Series - WTB

Again to increase speed all Aero WTB tensioners are fitted with a spring loaded device that automatically engages the tensioner drive socket with the hexagon nut. The operation is completely transparent to the operator and no time is wasted aligning the tensioner with the nut.

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The inclusion of a gear nut run-down mechanism offers a very rapid and consistent way of seating the hexagon nuts during the tensioning procedure. A common 1/2" square drive hand torque wrench can be used to rapidly seat the nuts to the required 30Nm (Max) torque.

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Due to the very limited space available in many blade bolt compartments and to help where many tensioners are connected together every Aero WTB tensioner has the option of a 360º swivel connection. This 360º swivel operation allows the hydraulic hoses to be positioned in the best possible position to allow open access to the tensioning tools.
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Automatic Tensioner Reset

Again to increase speed all Aero WTB tensioners are fitted with a spring mechanism that automatically resets the tensioner once the pressure has been released to zero. The tensioner is then automatically ready to tension the next bolt, no operator intervention is required.

'Best Fit'

Aero WTB Tensioners are profile cut at the base to ensure they fit onto as many applications as possible. The interchangeable profile cut spacer at the base of the tool gives the tensioner the flexibility to be used on many different applications.

Wind Turbine Tensioning Overview ►

High Life Puller

At the heart of all Aero WTB tensioners is the Puller. Manufactured from high grade aerospace material and carefully designed to give the maximum possible life.

All Aero WTB tensioners have a device that ensures the tool fails safely in the unlikely event of a puller failure.

Optional Cycle Counter

For maintenance scheduling purposes all Aero WTB Tools offer an optional mechanical pressure cycle counter. See at a glance exactly how many pressurisations the tool has performed.

Specially Designed Tools

Tentec have many years experience of designing bespoke special Bolt Tensioning Tools for instances where standard tools are not suitable. Contact Tentec for more information