Aero Series - WTF

Wind Turbine Tensioners

The Aero WTF is a purpose designed range of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools developed by Tentec and designed to suit most wind turbine foundation bolting applications. The Aero WTF tensioning tools can be supplied to suit many different All Thread Bars and the more conventional ISO metric and Imperial Unified Thread forms. These feature packed tensioners have been designed with rapid tensioning in mind and offer a safe, reliable and consistent method to simultaneously tension many Foundation bolts. The Tentec Aero WTF range of tensioning tools have been fully site evaluated in the wind energy industry.


Suitable Load Capacity for Grade 75ksi & 150ksi All Thread Foundation Bolts.

Automatic Tensioner Reset
Again to increase speed all WTF tensioners are fitted with a spring mechanism that automatically resets the tensioner once the pressure has been released to zero. The tensioner is then ready to tension the next bolt, no operator intervention is required.

Limited Space Option

A unique elliptical WTF tool is also available for use when clearance between the bolt and tower wall is restricted.

Optional Geared Nut Run-Down

Tentec offer a gear nut run-down mechanism which provides a very rapid and consistent way of seating the foundation hexagon nuts during the tensioning procedure. A common 1/2" Square drive hand torque wrench can be used to rapidly seat the nuts to the recommended 30Nm (max) torque. Alternatively Tentec offer the same foundation tensioning tools but with manual nut run-down.

The amount of thread protruding from a foundation bolt nut can vary significantly from turbine to turbine. To overcome this variation the Aero WTF Bolt tensioning tool is available in both short and long stroke variations. An elliptical WTF tool is also available for use when clearance between the bolt and tower wall is restricted.

Long Stud Protrusion Models
When the amount of stud protrusion allows, the long stroke tensioner is ideally suited, offering a 25mm uninterrupted bolt pull.

Short Stud Protrusion Models
When the stud protrusion is limited, the long stroke tensioners may not be suitable, in this instance a short stroke WTF tensioner is available.


Due to the unusual length of foundation bolts and the methods used to anchor the bolts into the foundation structure, it is usual to experience relatively large amount of bolt extension during foundation bolt tensioning. For this reason it is very important that the bolt tensioning tool used has plenty of piston/ram stroke capacity. The Aero WTF range of tensioners offer up to 25mm piston/ram stroke capability for "one Pull" uninterrupted tensioning. Shorter Stroke foundation tensioners are available from Tentec to be used where bar protrusion is limited.

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